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Skill Set
  • Editing/Proofreading
    • Grammar/Punctuation
    • APA/MLA Styles
    • Grading
  • Writing
    • Professional Writing
    • Journalism Writing
    • Academic Writing
    • Web Writing: HTML/CSS
  • Tutoring
    • Brainstorming
    • Grammar/Mechanics
    • Multi-Disciplinary
  • Leadership
    • Delegation
    • Organization/Planning
    • Listening/Communicating
Transferrable Skills
  • Eager to perform work to maximum satisfaction of clients
  • Background demonstrates proven organizational, managerial, and communication skills
  • Commended for reliability and trustworthiness
  • Able to lead others in high-demand situations
  • Proven skills resolving problems and tense situations
  • Able to coordinate many tasks simultaneously
  • Self-motivated, hardworking individual
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written skills
  • Proven ability to work and coordinate tasks in stressful, difficult, and fast-paced environments
  • Able to prioritize and operate proactively
  • Self-starter who applies individual initiative to get the job done
  • Very detail-oriented with excellent analytical and project-tracking skills
  • Recognized ability to juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Strong problem-solver who is resourceful and able to work independently


Master of Arts, English | Expected May 2019

Bachelor of Arts, English | 6 May 2017

Work/Professional Experiences

Writing Experience


University Writing Center Consultant
Fall 2017 to Summer 2018

As part of my assistantship with the writing center at IUPUI, I worked as a consultant in addition to my administrative responsibilities.

Ball State University

Dept. of Accounting writing assistant
Spring 2015 to Spring 2017

This position afforded me several responsibilities: I graded papers, aided professors with their papers for publication, and offered one-on-one writing tutoring during office hours.

The Digital Literature Review (DLR)
Fall 2014 to Spring 2017

The DLR is an undergraduate scholarly journal/Immersive Learning Project at Ball State. I was a member of the staff of this journal and its Lead Editor. In this position, I oversaw the Editorial Team of eight members, and I served as liaison for the other sections of the journal. I offered advice and support to the team members and took on many additional responsibilities that come with the position.

I was also a member of the Editorial Team for two years, which entailed reviewing/editing submissions for our blog and journal to prepare them for publication, as well as writing such works myself.

In my final year with the DLR, I served as a teaching assistant.

Testing Services Exam Proctor
Spring 2014 to Spring 2017

This office at the university offers accommodations for students with disabilities in order for them to take their exams in nontraditional environments. My job as an exam proctor was to aid the students in this process either by reading the exams aloud, transcribing their answers, proctoring minimum distraction rooms, operating technology for them, etc.

Writing Center tutor
Spring 2014 to Spring 2017
Kathryn tutoring

As a Writing Center tutor , I worked with BSU students ranging from freshmen to graduate students on writing assignments including (but not limited to) creative work, research papers, essays, rhetorical analyses, resumes, cover letters, job/scholarship applications, reflection papers, etc.

I have experience with face-to-face tutoring in our center, as well as online tutoring via Google Docs and Skype. I tutored both during the school year and over the summer, but my summer hours were only online.

This job was one of my favorites. It allowed me the privilege of helping students with their personal writing skills, and I loved being able to help them improve. The most rewarding sessions were the ones where they learned something new about writing.

Disability Services Note Taker
Spring 2014

I was responsible for taking clear, comprehensive notes, putting them in a digital format, and sending them to a student in the class who had a disability promptly.

The Kokomo Herald Newspaper

Web Manager
Spring 2014 to Spring 2015

This job required me to work from the "back door" of the newspaper's website , posting articles, photos, etc., as needed.

Spring 2011 to Summer 2015

As a freelance reporter, I both accepted direct assignments from my editor and also proposed article ideas myself. I would conduct interviews with members of the community, attend events such as public forums and council meetings, discover interesting angles for features pieces, etc.

Leadership Experience

Writing Center social media leader and team tutor, Ball State University
Spring 2015 to Spring 2017
Kathryn team tutoring

My main project while in this position was to create, design, and maintain the Pinterest site . I designed this layout after my own account but modeled the Writing Center's page in such a way as to present an image of who we are and what our priorities are.

As an experienced tutor for the Writing Center , one of my responsibilities was to train new staff members.

In team tutoring, the new writing assistant gets to take the lead on the session; however, the more experienced tutor is there to walk them through the process, answer any questions the tutor or the client have, and intervene when necessary.

Golden Key President
Spring 2014 to Spring 2017

I joined Golden Key International Honour Society during my sophomore year of college, and right away I took on leadership positions: I was the Ball State chapter's co-president and meeting secretary for one year, and then I served as president for my last year at Ball State.

Greeting new members at our annual NMRE
At the 2015 New Member Recognition Event; pictured left to right: Dr. David Largent (advisor), Katrina Anderson, Kathryn Hampshire, and Olivia Mossburg.

The pillars of this organization are leadership, service, and scholarship.

Economics for Leaders Program Coordinator
Summer 2014 to present

When I was in high school, I attended theFoundation for Teaching Economics (FTE) Economics for Leaders (EFL) program in the summer of 2012. This program works to teach young people the value of learning economics and leadership together and fosters an environment of growth and learning in its participants.

Once I graduated high school, I applied for a position as a Program Coordinator (PC) and was selected out of hundreds of applicants. I have worked programs at such locations as Duke University, Yale University, and Cornell University to date, and I continue in this position each summer.

Teaching Experience

English-L115 Instructor of Record, IUPUI
Fall 2018
Teaching Literature in College Practicum, IUPUI
Spring 2018
Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships, Ball State University
Fall 2016 to Spring 2017
Honors Peer Mentor, Ball State University
Fall 2014 to Spring 2017

The Honors College at Ball State University requires all freshmen to take a course for half of a semester called Honors 100 that is designed to acclimate them to the collegiate environment and to the Honors program. This course is taught by upperclassmen, and I was selected to teach a section of the course.

I have taught one in the Fall of 2014 and another in the Fall of 2015, each with between 6-8 students; my last section in the Fall of 2016 consisted of twice that many students. I was responsible for creating a syllabus, assigning small projects, communicating with the students, running the class each week, and attending a separate seminar class for mentors.



  • New Frontiers/New Currents Grapt partial recipient
  • Elite 50 of the Graduate School nominee
  • Travel Fellowship Award recipient

Ball State University

Conference Presentations


Macbeth Assistant Director
Spring 2016

In honor of the five-hundredth anniversary of the deaths of two literary giants, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish and English majors alike collaborated to produce a reduced/rebooted version of two works for the Muncie Community.

One of my English professors, Dr. Vanessa Rapatz, is a Shakespearean scholar, and I have had the pleasure of being her student for the three semesters in a row. As she worked to put together a reduced version of Macbeth, she asked me to join her as an assistant director.

Group photo of <em>Macbeth</em> cast & crew
Group photo of our cast & crew

While this event was certainly a lot of fun, this time-intensive project was for the good of the community. Often, members of the Muncie community only get the limited exposure to Shakespeare's work, and this project provided them with the opportunity to experience one of his most beloved tragedies.

As assistant director for this production, I was responsible for giving notes to actors during rehearsals, collaborating on the writing of narration lines to convey the plot points we had to cut, MacGyver-ing props, and attending rehearsals and the final production.

Project Leadership
Fall 2015 to Spring 2017

Project Leadership is a program that pairs college students with high school students who are in the 21st Century Scholars program in order to help them achieve higher education. For this organization, I mentored a freshman from Daleville High School, which was located approximately a half hour away from where I lived on campus at Ball State. Usually, the program pairs students based on geographic location and similar interests; although my mentee lived far away, it was worth the commute to work with such an amazing, promising student who is so similar to myself.

I met with my student regularly and introduced her to a variety of different beneficial experiences. For example, I took her on an extended tour of Ball State's campus, which helped spark her personal interest in attending college--particularly BSU--someday. I also took her to theatrical performances on campus, such as the musical Hairspray and a dance show called Beauty, Objectification, and Violence: Dancing Toward Change.

I also aided my student in career/self exploration, such as when I got her access to the Myers-Briggs typology test, walked her through the process of taking the assessment, and then aided her in understanding the results. This activity helped her recognize her untapped strengths, and I believe it is important to do this type of exploratory learning activity at her early stage of high school so that she can make the most of her time there and work toward a future of higher education.

Project Leadership was a chance for me to engage in one of my favorite types of service: mentoring. I loved being able to make a difference on an individual basis, and seeing my student grow and aiding her in that process were such privileges. Serving through Project Leadership was an amazing experience; I only wish I had learned about this amazing program sooner.

Commencement Junior Marshal
Spring 2015

During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I served as a Junior Marshal for the Commencement ceremony for the College of Sciences and Humanities. I had the honor of serving in this capacity because the head of the Department of English nominated me to represent our section of the college.

Fellow English major Isabel Vasquez (right) and I in our red marshal robes before serving at commencement.

As a Junior Marshall, I remained on campus after finals had already finished, attended a required training session, and worked to aid the commencement ceremony proceedings in various capacities. At the beginning, I helped direct attendees to the arena and answered questions while handing out programs and greeting the family and friends of the soon-to-be graduates.

Just before the ceremony started, I made my way to the front where I would be one of the four Marshals in charge of bearing the departmental banners when that community's members lined up, walked across the stage, received their diploma, and shook hands with the president of the university. It truly was an honor to serve in this capacity, especially for the college of which I am a member.

Teaching/Mentoring Experience

Honors Peer Mentor, Ball State University
Fall 2014 to Spring 2017
  • Mentored 6-12 freshmen in the Honors College through first semester of college.
  • Wrote syllabi, organized activities, and planned lessons independently.
  • Participated in additional supplemental training class with other mentors.
Economics for Leaders Program Coordinator, Foundation for Teaching Economics
Summer 2014 to present
  • Empowered high school students through team building/leadership activities.
  • Traveled around the country to work programs in summer.
  • Planned activities, coordinated their implimentation, facilitated debriefs/discussions.
Project Leadership
Fall 2015 to Spring 2017
  • Mentored a local high school student who is a 21st Century Scholar.
  • Guided her through career exploration activities.
  • Encouraged her to pursue higher education.


Dr. Adam Beach, Ball State University

Dr. Beach is the Chairperson of the Department of English. He was the instructor for the Digital Literature Review for the first year of my involvement, and he can be contacted at arbeach@bsu.edu .

Dr. Joyce Huff, Ball State University

Dr. Huff is a professor of English who advised the Digital Literature Review for the second and third years I was involved, including my final year on staff when I served as a teaching assistant. She can be reached at jlhuff@bsu.edu .

Dr. Vanessa Rapatz, Ball State University

Dr. Rapatz was my instructor for several English classes, and she served as my advisor for my Honors Thesis ; I also served as her TA for an Honors 202 class during myy final semester at Ball State. Email her at vlrapatz@bsu.edu .

Dr. Jackie Grutsch-McKinney, Ball State University

Dr. Grutsch-McKinney is the director of the Ball State Writing Center , at which I am a tutor and a social media leader. Send her a message at jrmckinney@bsu.edu .

Professor Eva Grouling Snider, Ball State University

Professor Grouling Snider assisted me in developing this portfolio website, and I also worked with her on an immersive learning project during my senior year at Ball State; check out her work on her own website, egsnider.com , and/or contact her at esnider@bsu.edu.